Airline Unions:  

Are they harmful to safety and/or economic prosperity?

The Irrelevancy of ALPA in the 21st Century:   Guest Editorial by Captain Brian Wilson

A Dead Goose Can't Tell the Difference:  Guest Editorial by Mark Mix.  Arrogance and greed of Union Boss Rick Dubinsky
destroyed jobs and pensions at United Airlines.

The Chuck Sisto Affair:  Defending dangerous pilots.

SkyWest Airlines Non-Union success story.

Captain Tom Bunn: Driven by his hatred of our President.

Cockpit Politics:  How dangerous can it be?

It's the Labor Costs, Stupid!: The real culprit, which has led to so much misery and loss of jobs.

Union "Victory" at Eastern Airlines:  Better to destroy jobs than to work free of union tyranny.

Captain Bob Vs Captain T: Response to the claim that union pilots are safer than non-union pilots.

Dishonest Tactics:  How Unions Lie a LotWhy private sector union jobs are going the way of the Dodo Bird.

Extortion Assumptions: The unlawful pilot "sick out" against American Airlines is another shining example
of the need to repeal our current labor laws.

Deregulation & the 1983 Continental StrikeFrom: Anonymous

Union Protection and Airline Safety,  From: Capt. Rich Harwood

Inherent Biases & Unions, From: R. W. ROLAND, [Retired Airline Captain]

Robert J. Boser    

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The Editor of this Web Page, now retired, was an airline pilot for 33 years and holds 6 specific Captain's type-ratings on Boeing Jet Airliners.


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