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The Irrelevancy of ALPA in the 21st Century:  Guest Editorial by Captain Brian Wilson

A Dead Goose Can't Tell the Difference:  Guest Editorial by Mark Mix.  Arrogance and greed of Union Boss Rick Dubinsky destroyed jobs and pensions at United Airlines.

JetBlue emergency landing:  LAX 050921. Captain Scott Burke saves the day.

SkyWest Airlines: Non-Union success story.

The 737 Crash in Greece:  Demonstrates the importance of Supplemental Oxygen Regulations, and why all pilots should comply with them at all times.

What the Media Should Know about Accident Reporting:  Guest editorial by Robert Baron

Captain Tom Bunn: Driven by his hatred of our President.

Cockpit Politics: How dangerous can it be?

It's the Labor Costs, Stupid!: The real culprit, which has led to so much misery and loss of jobs.

Union "Victory" at Eastern Airlines: Better to destroy jobs than to work free of union tyranny.

Captain Bob Vs Captain T: Response to the claim that union pilots are safer than non-union pilots.

Dishonest Tactics: How Unions Lie a Lot. Why private sector union jobs are going the way of the Dodo Bird.

Crew Psychology: Cockpit Vs Cabin CrewsThe need for Integrated CRM Training. Guest editorial by Robert Baron

The Crash of Delta 554.  The problem of Monovision Contact lens.  Guest editorial by Robert Baron

Pilots and Memories: A fallible human system. Guest editorial by Robert Baron

Barriers to Effective Cockpit Communication. Guest editorial by Robert Baron

Why Routine Flights End in DisasterGuest editorial by Robert Baron

Human Error Vs TerrorismGuest editorial by Robert Baron

CRM: - The Instructor's View. Guest editorial by Robert Baron.

Runway Incursions:  - Where are We? Guest editorial by Robert Baron.

The Crash of AMR 587: - Accident or Terrorism?

Terror in The Skies: - The Kamikaze Attacks Upon the United States. What our response should be to unmitigated evil.

Pilot Fatigue: - Guest editorial by Mark Printup.  How it affects performance and safety. 

Rushing to Die:  The Crash of Singapore Airlines 006  How could the captain have made such an egregious error?

Heart over Mind: The Death of JFK, Jr. - Guest Editorial, by Eric Nolte Recovering from unusual attitudes consists of one essential belief: your feelings cannot be trusted... The pilotís task, no less than everyone elseís, is to grasp reality, not to invent it, and we do this by applying reason to the evidence of our experience.  

The Government Spiral - Guest Editorial, by Eric Nolte. All too many people who otherwise understand the virtues of a free market become committed socialists when they reserve an airline seat. 

Extortion Assumptions  The unlawful pilot "sick out" against American Airlines is another shining example of the need to repeal our current labor laws.

CRM: The Missing Link  Should the decisions of an airline captain ever be overruled by the F/O? The author not only says "yes" but also advocates airlines providing training and guidelines, to their pilots, on this issue.

ATC Cover-Up  Why is it not a crime for FAA personnel to block a safety investigation that would reveal their own wrong doing?

Schuller Power  Rev. Robert Schuller's alleged assault on a United Airlines flight attendant, has highlighted a growing problem in the airline industry.

The Editor of this Web Page, now retired, was an airline pilot for 33 years and holds 6 specific Captain's type-ratings on Boeing Jet Airliners.


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