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About the Editor:

Subject:  Helios 737 Crash in Greece

FROM: Ward Massey 

Subject: The New MD-10 Model

From:  Thom DiGiacomo  <PDGTDG@aol.com>

Subject: Fear of Flying

From: Kevin Rose <kerose@worldnet.att.net>

Subject: Cabin Air Quality

From:  Ken Murray <kmurray@shasta.com>

Subject: Deregulation & the 1983 Continental Strike

From:   Anonymous

Subject: Passengers initiating evacuation

From: Hessel Friedlander <HesselF@fdp.co.za>

Subject: Re: Infant carriers

From: Deborah Spiegel FTNdebbi@aol.com

Subject: Cockpit Voice Recorder and Flight Data Recorder Backup Power

From: Gary Watson watsong@home.com

Subject: Union Protection and Airline Safety

From: Capt. Rich Harwood rharwood@mindspring.com

Subject: Flight Recorders Need Battery Back-Ups

From: Michael Slack mslack@slackdavis.com

Subject: Swissair 111 accident

From: Victor Herkoian lv812@webtv.net

Subject: Unheeded Warning

From: Danette Steward rnd@runestone.net

Subject: Should the government FORCE parents to purchase airline tickets for toddlers?

From: Name and E-mail withheld. Permission to identify the writer was not given

Subject: Inherent Biases & Unions

From: R.W. ROLAND RWROLAND@aol.com

Retired Airline Captain

Subject: Pilot safety vs. a Predictable Distraction

From: Thomas W. Bell, Sr. twbell@mindspring.com

Subject: "Bias" QUESTIONED

From: T. D. Ponder tdponder@worldnet.att.net

Airline Transport Pilot 

Subject: Flight Attendant Attack

From: Mike Sheffer msheffer@jpc.com

Subject: An ATC Controller's Perspective

From: John Dill jd@en.com

Westlake, Ohio

Subject: A response to the Editorial ATC Cover-up

From: Joshua Miller josmille@plains.nodak.edu


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